Welcome to our Spring 2017 Newsletter.

In this edition, we report on how the government is unlocking £7 billion to provide more homes.

A husband has been ordered to pay his former wife an extra £1.6m as part of their divorce settlement.

There’s a report on how a company dealing in amusement arcade machines has won a £360,000 negligence claim against its insurance brokers.

A plumber has won a high profile claim over workers’ rights, and the government is using banning orders against rogue landlords and agents.

We see why most people still prefer to have a solicitor to write their will, and there’s a report on how the law can help when a loved one loses mental capacity.

An estate agent has lost his commission due to errors in a contract with a client, and a director has been fined £17,000 for not complying with business regulations for his sector.

We hope you find these articles interesting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the issues they raise, or any other legal matter affecting you or your family.


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