A trusted local name, QualitySolicitors Hartnells is part of a national network of like minded law firms - modern, ambitious and progressive, every one is dedicated to delivering excellence in customer service.

We promise that your first step with us is free. You can discuss your situation with one of our experts before deciding what next steps to take without the worry of a bill. If you decide to work with us we promise that we will keep you informed throughout - using plain and simple language. The law is complicated enough without us using technical jargon. And to keep everything simple, we explain our costs upfront so you are clear about what to budget. If you have any questions we promise you can make direct contact with your lawyer. They are always happy to talk with you - if you need to leave a message, we promise that you will have a same day response.

QualitySolicitors Hartnells is your local law firm. With 250 high street locations, QualitySolicitors is the UK's leading provider of legal services - QualitySolicitors Hartnells, your local national law firm.