At QualitySolicitors Wilson Browne we have acted for employees for many years, advising them in respect of everything from dismissal and redundancy to discrimination and retirement issues. Whether you have problems securing maternity or paternity leave, returning to work or just need advice on a voluntary redundancy, our team understand the issues and are here to help.

There is quite a lot of free information available and often a good place to start is but if things cannot be resolved easily it may be time to seek specialist help.

If Tribunal proceedings are necessary we can guide you through the process, completing all the paperwork on your behalf and representing you at hearings. In other circumstances we can negotiate a settlement and agree terms with your employer, often including the nature of any reference they will provide for you in the future.

If you have already negotiated an end to your employment and have been given a settlement agreement to sign up to we can provide the advice you need to ensure you are fully informed about the effect of a settlement agreement. We can see you in person or we can provide the advice on the telephone.