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How will Brexit affect you?

Following the outcome of the referendum, the coming months and years will provide opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals whilst an exit package is negotiated with Brussels. Such a deal could take at least two years and during that period question marks will arise as to the legal rights and obligations of business and individuals, for example how a possible repeal of current employment laws will affect businesses or how businesses deal with providing services within the EU or even how family law will be affected given how the EU Regulations govern jurisdiction in family law cases.

Whatever the future, our highly experienced Solicitors are here to help guide you through the uncertainty whether that be advice on international jurisdiction issues in family law cases, advice on how TUPE regulations and discrimination compensation may be affected or whether as a business you should change your approach. We are able to offer competitive retainer packages in the majority of cases, for example a yearly fixed fee package advising small businesses.

One thing is clear - whether you voted to leave or remain this is the time for everyone to unite to ensure the best deal for Britain is achieved for both individuals and businesses.

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