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Aretha Franklin dies without leaving a Will

Let’s face it, INTESTATE will never spell out as well in song as the word RESPECT, the iconic belter song of the Late Great Aretha Franklin.

And yet, intestate is a word that will forever hang over Aretha’s estate, leaving her family feeling at best overlooked and at worst slighted.

Unbelievably, Aretha Franklin (reportedly worth $80 million) having battled the almost inevitably fatal pancreatic cancer for many years, died without making any Will even though one of her four sons: Clarence (aged 63), has special needs that mean he will need financial and medical support for the rest of his life.

Fortunately for her sons, the rules of intestacy in Michigan USA divide her estate equally among her four sons (the other three entitled sons being Edward (61), Teddy (54) and Kecalf (48)).

Although in this case, the absence of a Will was offset by the intestacy laws of that US state (things might have been very different in some other states); here in the UK the intestacy rules may not necessarily distribute your estate as you had envisaged or intended.

“The mother, father and birth child model of the family is now largely a thing of the past” says Frederick Parkinson: “Families nowadays come together in all sorts of ways, but it is worth remembering that stepchildren (even those who have been treated equally as children of the family day to day) do not inherit equally or at all with issue (or bloodline children of the deceased) who survive.”

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