A Scots Court has ruled that an executor can be sued, 20 years after the administration of the estate was completed by the Deceased’s son, for the purposes of bringing an asbestos claim against a Deceased’s estate.

Although the case turns on its facts (the ruling permits the claimant to claim on the employer’s liability insurance) and does not put the executor personally in the frame, lawyers warn that this could nevertheless be seen as opening a new seam of claimant litigation that could see executors facing personal financial liability for their failure to seek proper legal advice before completing the distribution of an estate. 

The advice therefore is: speak to an SRA regulated, professionally trained solicitor before you rush into rolling the dice on your financial security by making distributions from an estate without proper legal guidance.

Contrary to misguided opinion, responsible solicitors (particularly those like Acklam Bond, working within the Quality Solicitors network) are much more inclined to work collaboratively with lay clients: resulting in better, faster, cheaper and more accessible legal support (all of it underwritten with professional indemnity insurance).

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