The exclusive partnership means those who do not already have one in place can have a simple Will professionally written that captures everything from final wishes and organ donation preferences, to basic inheritance and tax planning, at no cost to them.

In return, those taking advantage of the offer will be asked to consider leaving a legacy gift in their Will to Barnardo’s. The scheme has already seen over 3,400 people take part and a huge £16.7m pledged in future legacy income for vulnerable and disadvantaged children throughout the UK since it began in 2010. The money goes towards research and services for young people and families who have a disability or who have experienced poverty, sexual exploitation or domestic violence.

QualitySolicitors AcklamBond Head of Private Client Frederick Parkinson said estate planning is not all about death, but about “providing a better life for the people you love and the charitable causes that mean most to you”.

“Avoiding decisions about what will happen to your estate when you die is neither being kind to yourself nor is it being kind to those you leave behind or to the charities that might have been able to achieve more with the provision that your legacy gifting could have made for them,” Mr Parkinson said.

“Barnardo’s makes a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people; your legacy to them will allow Barnardos’ to continue to provide hope and opportunity to those who need it most.

“Research has clearly shown that estate planning, especially when it involves charitable giving, in addition to bettering your estate’s inheritance tax position is veritable chicken soup for the soul by its providing you with peace of mind and the sort of self-esteem that will accompany you right through into a brighter, more contented old age.”

Previous research by YouGov has shown that around 60 per cent of adults in the UK do not have a Will, with a fifth of people saying they are not wealthy enough to need one. The Citizens Advice service also reported a rise in the number of enquiries about people who have died without making a Will.

Barnardo’s Senior Will Scheme Client Relationship Manager, Sue Westbury said the partnership with QualitySolicitors is invaluable. 

“The support and engagement from participating member firms continues to result in very significant numbers of pledges which will help us to plan for the future,” Ms Westbury said.

“Barnardo’s currently has three strategic aims – to build stronger families, to make safer childhoods, and to ensure positive futures for the children, young people, carers and families that we work with. We currently operate 1067 services across the UK helping over 301,000 people, and this wouldn’t be possible without the legacy income that we currently receive.

“Barnardo’s would like to say a huge thank you to QualitySolicitors Head Office and all the member firms who participate in the scheme.”

The law surrounding estate planning and administration is complex and there are risks involved in having a Will that is not properly drafted, signed or witnessed. Using a solicitor reduces these risks and gives people reassurance that they will be protected if something does go wrong.

By taking advantage of October Will Month, people aged over 55 years can save up to £200 plus VAT for a professionally written single Will or up to £295 for a mirror Will. To take part, simply call 01254 872 272 or visit to book an appointment.

*Applies to simple single or mirror wills only for people aged 55 and over.  For more complex wills you will be charged our usual fee with the discount being applied to the final invoice.