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Estate administration

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the bereavement process that it triggers can seem to involve a very long and emotionally draining one.

In these circumstances, it can be difficult to face dealing with what can appear to be a bewildering array of paperwork, liabilities, legal personnel and legal processes.  An important step, however, in the commencement of the bereavement process is achieving the final distribution of the deceased's assets in accordance with their final wishes.

If a valid and appropriate will has been prepared then the Deceased's wishes are much clearer, and their implementation can be significantly easier to achieve even in the case of a complex estate portfolio or an inheritance tax liability (which is why we at QualitySolicitors AcklamBond always recommend using our professional, regulated and insured will-writing service).

However, if a valid will has not been prepared, then apart from the complications arising from the provisions of a previous will or claims against the estate then it can be much more difficult to implement your loved ones' wishes as the Intestacy Rules apply and share out your loved one's estate according to the rules of law.  This is why you need a experienced legal adviser to guide you through the process.

Our personnel at QualitySolicitors AcklamBond are not only professionally qualified, regulated and insured but they are also eminently experienced not only to administer your loved ones' assets in accordance with their wishes but also to help you:

  • ​Complete the administration of your loved one's estate as promptly as circumstances make possible;
  • Deal with more complex assets such as business and farming interests, shares, overseas investments and trusts;
  • Rectify invalid wills or limit the damage they might otherwise cause to your loved one's estate, to your future entitlement or to continuing family relationships;
  • Minimise, restrict and sometimes eliminate the inheritance tax (or other taxes) that might otherwise be payable by your loved one's estate or your estate in the future;
  • Budget financially for the legal costs involved in administering your loved one's estate - we always provide details of costs at the outset and as the matter progresses and tailor our services to your specific needs and requirements so that you are not paying for work that you can undertake yourself;
  • Plan for your own future; we aim to provide you with honest timescales based on our professional know how and regular updates so that you can measure our progress and your own progress towards conclusion of the matter.

If you need support administrating an estate and you aren’t sure what to do, let QualitySolicitors AcklamBond give you the answers - call today on 01254 872272 for your appointment; we are ready and waiting to help.

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