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Our Child Care work

The most difficult cases are those when the local authority wants to take children away from their parents, due to concern about their development or their being mistreated.

The decision is always a painful one, and the emotions involved raw and difficult.

In this difficult area we have first-rate experience.

Our senior partner, Simon Pollard, a long-standing member of the Law Society’s Children Panel, only does this kind of work. He is one of the founder members of the Children Panel. Our assistant solicitor, Rupinder Bhinder, has developed a wealth of experience and sympathy, and is also a member of the Children Panel.

We know that these cases demand the greatest sympathy and attention, and we always give that. As a parent involved in care proceedings, your solicitor can be your greatest ally and support.

We also know that a lawyer dealing with these cases needs to know more than just the law. They need to know about child development, mental health, psychotherapy and other matters. This knowledge and experience grows over time and becomes the collected wisdom of the firm.

We usually do our own advocacy, but use experienced barristers when appropriate.

We work hard for our clients, and take cases as far as they need to go.

Recent Cases

We have had two cases recently reported in the law reports:

  • ASB and KBS v MQS (Secretary of State for the Home Department Intervening) (2010 1 Family Law Reports 748, Family Division)
  • B (A local Authority) v RM, MM an AM, (2011 1 Family Law Reports 1635, Family Division)


Team members

Simon Pollard
Partner and Head of Alexander and Partners Solicitors
Rupinder Bhinder

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