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Medical negligence

Experience shows that people who have suffered due to medical negligence feel very upset: they have trusted their body to a professional, who has let them down. Although we can do no more than claim damages (an apology rarely comes), often the client will say that they are concerned that what happened to them does not happen to some one else.

Such cases need particularly sensitive handling, and the wealth of experience we have accumulated over the years in dealing with such cases certainly helps.

We deal with these cases under 'no win no fee' agreements, and again normally are able to give you the damages without deduction.

There are a number of steps to be taken:

  • We have to obtain copies of the medical notes.
  • We have to see if there appears to be case.
  • We get a report from a specialist doctor, who has shown willingness to deal with this kind of work.
  • We then write a detailed letter of claim to the hospital or treating doctor.
  • Then proceedings are prepared for issue.


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