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Bad Holidays? Tips to make a claim

Do you know how to react if you realise your expected lovely holidays are actually your worst experience ever?

 Have you ever arrived at a hotel and then, though that wasn’t your hotel just because it didn’t look like the one on that awesome brochure? What about food poisoning as a result of dodgy hotel food?

If you faced this short of problems during your holidays, you would likely fell disappointed but you always have to remember there is something you can do about it.

With the summer and therefore the holiday season about to start, Amphlett Lissimore wants to share some tips on how to make a claim for compensation whilst on holiday:


Get cover

Do you always see that health and travel insurance when buying a holiday pack but never get it because never had a bad experience? Next time think it twice before going away without insurance in order to save some money, we recommend to think about it as an investment that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

In case of a claim, you will need your policy number and contact details of the claims line, so it is really important to have them either with you or within your email account so you can get them easily. Some policies specify strict time limits for notifying them of accidents or incidents, so it’s best to check the terms and conditions before travelling.

Provide evidence

Whatever it is, take as many photos or videos as you can to use as evidence to support a case. If, for instance, you have had an accident take pictures of the damage in your vehicle and in your body if needed, and go to a hospital to have an official document from a doctor saying what are the consequences of the accident in your body.

Act Fast

If you have any problem, don’t wait until the end of your holiday to report it, submit your complaint to any holiday representative or a hotel manager straight away. If you don’t give them a chance to solve the problem your claim may be affected.

Don’t forget to make a note of the person you reported your problem to and if it is for an injury, get it logged in their accident book. If you are not happy with their response, you will need to take this further when you get home.  You can use these template letters that you can find here:

Seek medical attention

Whatever it is the disease you suffer; get medical assistance as soon as it starts, make sure you ask for a copy of a medical report and all the medical receipts for your claim and once you are back in the UK you should get another check-up.

Take  a diary

It is important to have an updated diary not to forget any of the problems that you suffered during your trip showing how those issues impacted your holiday. For example if you were bedridden for the entire holiday it might be reasonable for you to get a full refund, whereas if it only reduced your enjoyment for a small part of the holiday, then your reasonable compensation will be less.


Get witness support

We recommend taking down names and addresses of people who witnessed the accident/ situation or shares the bad experience with you. The more people make the claim the stronger it will be.

Record your expenses

Keep a log of every single receipt and expenses you had to take (taxis, medication, phone calls) because you may be able to claim them back if they are a direct result of the fails of the holiday company.

Stay strong

If you feel like you have a strong case due to have had the worst holiday time ever, don’t give up and remember you have rights and are entitled to a fair deal!

To see how we can help you with this or any other matters check out our services for individuals.

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