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Parenting after Divorce

Parenting Before and After Separation

Once you have decided to start separating from your partner, there is no doubt your main concern will be your children. Thinking about them, it is important to try to maintain stability and routine wherever possible, despite the rest of the changes that might be happening in their lives. We suggest you to keep in their minds that you both still love them despite living apart.

The impact of parental conflict may sometimes be hard when you’re going through a relationship breakdown to put your emotions to one side, however, it is important for your kids that you continue  making decisions based on their best interests, rather than in response to other areas of dispute. Experiencing the separation of their parents can have a short and long term impact on a child. It’s important as a parent to always keep in mind how your behaviour may affect them and to put their needs first.father and child

Parents should remain civil around each other, especially in the presence of the children who can easily pick up hostility between parents which can affect their wellbeing. It is understandable that your own emotions will be running high but it is important that you don’t burden your children with your own unhappiness or anger.

After the separation or divorce is complete, and you now have separate homes, it’s important for your children to be able to enjoy a full relationship with both parents. There is a responsibility on both of you to ensure this happens, unless there is a very good reason why it shouldn’t happen.

Helping Your Child to Adjust to the Changes

When it comes to devising suitable parenting arrangements, there is more to think about than just the practical issues of where your child will reside or who will make the decisions about education. You need to think about things from your child’s perspective in terms of the psychological effects and the mixed emotions they may be experiencing.

It can be hard to maintain a once happy childhood for your children in the midst of a separation or divorce. You need to keep in mind that your child will need the love and support of both parents to adjust to the changes in their lives. This will enable the children to maintain and develop their bonds with both parents as well as ensuring they don’t feel responsible for the relationship breakdown. You both still have parental responsibility for your children and must ensure the decisions you make are in their best interests.

If you work together as parents and remain civil to each other, you can help your children adjust to the changes in their lives. As hard as it can sometimes be, their needs must come before your own.

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