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Marry Responsibly - Get a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is currently kicking herself that she failed to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement prior to marrying her now estranged husband some 18 months ago.  Such is her upset that she is advising her friends to obtain such agreements prior to considering waltzing down the aisle.  Pre-nuptial agreements aren’t however just for the rich and famous.  Anyone who is about to enter into a marriage having already spent hard earned cash, blood, sweat, tears etc in acquiring either property or any other investment would be well advised to consider protecting them.  Alternatively, you may want to reassure children from a first marriage that despite your wish to remarry, you wish to protect their future inheritance.  It can only help the relationship between the children and the new step-parent if they know their parent is marrying for the right reasons.

Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to protect something that you are entering a new chapter in your life with, there can be little doubt that if what you want to achieve in your marriage is fairness, the time to discuss this is as soon as possible.  The document will provide certainty for both parties.  You can still share what you then build up as a couple but the expectation as to what will happen if it all goes pear-shaped will be clear. 

View it as putting your house in order as you might when having a Will drawn up.  The fact that you don’t necessarily expect to die the next day doesn’t prevent you having the Will drawn up.  The same goes for pre-nuptial agreements.  Once the agreement is signed, put it away and forget about it.  The likelihood is you’ll never actually need it.  If you do however have to dust it off one day, you may well be glad you did.

Think about how much most couples spend on a wedding: the venue, the food (and drink!), the flowers, invitations and - of course - the dress.  Consider then how much could then potentially spend on a divorce!  

TOP TIP:  Deal with the pre-nuptial agreement early.  The last thing you will want to be worrying about whilst you are having that last minute dress/suit fitting is when you should telephone a solicitor to discuss how quickly they can draw up a pre-nup for you.  Definitely do not do what Kimberly Walsh did earlier this year (on the advice of our Cheryl!) and drop by the solicitor’s office on the Wednesday before the Saturday ceremony.   Get it over and done with early so that you can truly enjoy what is to come.........

Remember marriage must not be undertaken carelessly, lightly, or selfishly, but reverently, responsibly, and after serious thought ....... and preferably with a pre-nuptial agreement.


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