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Five Reasons why commercial property transactions are like running a marathon

By Melanie Greer-Walker

I am a commercial property solicitor at the Crystal Palace office of Amphlett Lissimore and am also running the London Marathon on Sunday, 23rd April 2017.  This will be my first marathon and I have learnt a lot along the way.  Here are my top five reasons why commercial property transactions are like running marathons:

1. Preparation. You can’t run 26.2 miles without a lot of preparation.  You also can’t start a new business or sell your premises without the same.  Good preparation at an early stage sets the foundation for all of your future plans. I like to talk to my clients about their proposals right from the beginning so we get off to a flying start.


2. Get the experts on board. I run with my local running club (Dulwich Park Runners, they are very friendly!) and have also had a coach and a physio on my side.  You need a good, supportive, professional team to help you through your commercial property transaction.  Not only your solicitor, but maybe also an accountant, surveyor, business mentor, agent, plan provider etc.


3. Strategy.  Know what you want to achieve (in my case, just the finish line!) and have a plan to get there.  Have realistic expectations.  I am in constant communication with my clients from the start to the end of the job as to how things are going, what to expect next and when things will complete, so hopefully we don’t hit “The Wall”.


4. Flexibility. Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out, but having a good support team  will help you work your way through any difficult twists and turns.


5. When it’s all over – put your feet up and recover! I am hoping for my family to provide me with lovely food and drinks at the finish line.  You may not get a medal for completing your commercial property transaction, but should be able to get on with your new business or the rest of your life knowing that your solicitor is dealing with all the post completion work correctly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about it.


I shan’t be running past our offices in Crystal Palace, Bromley, Clerkenwell, Raynes Park or Camberwell, but I shall be running past many of my client’s properties which is always a pleasure.


Have you got any tips to add?  Either about commercial property, or on running marathons?

Either would be gratefully received and you can contact me directly on 020 8768 6486. 

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