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Problems in your household during lockdown

The requirement to lockdown in the same household adds pressure and strains to a good relationship, but it is more challenging where fractures already exist. If additional behaviours arising from being cramped in the lockdown arrangements or the financial consequences of Covid-19 are making you worry more about the future of your relationship then we are here to help

In Lockdown?

You may be in a relationship which is violent – immediate help is available. Speak to Carole Hack by calling 020 8771 5254.

For everyone else it might just be about knowing where you stand so you don’t worry about things needlessly, safe in the knowledge that there is a plan and not a never ending nightmare.

Taking the first step

Finding out ‘where you stand’ legally is the first step if you are facing the end of your relationship or marriage and have children and/or financial arrangements to be sorted.

"You were very thorough, informative and helpful... l have a better picture of what l need to do and the way forward." - A client regarding their fixed fee first meeting

Most people have misunderstandings which cause them to worry and our first meeting has been designed over decades to get your thoughts focussing on solutions and to help you devise a strategy for getting where you need to get to – not just you - the whole family. The focus of our first meeting is practical advice from experienced family lawyers who can give you a vision of how the future will look and then discuss the many ways you might get there. A fixed fee with no hidden charges will give you the tailored information you need within the meeting and in writing.

What happens next?

You may feel that you can talk to your partner and get things agreed. We can help you decide when to have those discussions. Many people use the information from the first meeting within those discussions and avoid traps that could potentially derail them. We are there when you have questions as a trusted guide.

It might be that it will not be as easy for you but your partner is not unreasonable – at least when talking to someone else! There are many options which we can discuss with you to make it work for you both.

Let us reassure you court is for the few and most people sort things out with our help. We take pride in that.


If you would like to discuss your separation or divorce with a lawyer in the Family law department, please call us on 020 8771 5254 - we are here to help you.



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