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Technological age

Nowadays, we use the mobile devices to help us in any aspect of our lives. The recent launch of the apple watch, which have received more than 2 million pre-orders worldwide in its first week is the best reminder of our technological dependency.

The rapid growth this sector has experimented can be attributed to the unprecedented level of flexibility that the mobile technologies give people. Remote working makes easy to manage our business and personal lives no matter where and when.

In this interesting article about new upcoming apps you can see the new trends that are going to change the way you do business in 2015

A recent survey uncovered a new demographic status to add to the last two, "Gen X" and "Millenials", called "Gen Mobile" that does 30% of its work on smartphones and tablets, Gen M represents users between 18-34 years old.

The technology is changing our lives so quickly that we are not even realizing it, weeks ago a Manhattan Supreme Court ruled that a woman could serve divorce papers to her husband via Facebook, the ruling woman, a 26-year-old nurse named Ellanora Baidoo, could send a message to her husband, with all the papers having  the only condition of repeat this message once a week during three weeks to be legally binding according to the New York Daily News.

“As recently as ten years ago, it was considered a cutting edge development in civil practice for a court to allow the service of a summons by email,” Justice Matthew Cooper wrote in his decision. “Since then, email has all but replaced ordinary mail as a means of written communication. … It would appear that the next frontier in the developing law of the service of process over the internet is the use of social media sites as forums through which a summons can be delivered.” The first message was sent to Blood-Dzrauk last week. “So far, he hasn’t responded,” Andrew Spinnell, Baidoo’s lawyer, told the New York Daily News.

Are we aware of the technological age we are living in? 

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