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We need your support! Help us boost access to justice

The team at Amphlett Lissimore are once again donning our trainers in June for the London Legal Walk to raise vital funds for the London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that provides free legal services in London and the South East for those who would otherwise go without.

More than 13,000 people took to the streets of London in 2018 to raise a record-breaking £830,000 for the charity. We were amongst the thousands marching for justice and are proud to have supported the fundraising drive since 2016. Since we’ve been involved, we’ve raised £3,000 for the Trust’s vital initiatives. We’d like to thank everyone who has donated to this cause in the past and we’d like to rally for your support once again!

This year, we’re looking to raise £500 for the London Legal Support Trust and we’d be grateful for any amount you can part with – and for any work you can do to share this fundraising drive with family and friends. All monies raised will go towards the provision of specialist legal advice through law centres, advice agencies and citizens advice bureaux through grant funding alongside other forms of support. As funding cuts continue for legal aid, charities like the London Legal Support Trust rely on the generosity of others more than ever.

Andrew Walker QC highlighted in a speech at the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference in November that justice spending has been cut by 27 per cent in real terms over the past decade.[1] One of our partners here at Amphlett Lissimore, Liz Edwards, says this is having a substantial impact on access to justice for vulnerable and financially distressed citizens and residents.

“Anyone with a Law Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau near them will be familiar with the queues that form outside ahead of opening hours as firms, such as ours, have been forced to reduce legal aid work because they are financially unsustainable,” Liz said.

Our team continues to offer legal aid for family law and care matters and also for criminal law. We used to offer more services, but these became unsupportable.

“An increased number of vulnerable people, who could previously have relied on us, now have to rely on their local Law Centre instead. It has never been easy for these centres to raise the funds to keep their doors open and austerity challenges them further,” Liz added.

Funding cuts are being felt across London, with the Hackney Community Law Centre talking about closing its doors in 2020 after 40 years of service if no more funding is committed. The annual advice grant from Hackney Council was slashed by 45 per cent for this financial year.[2]

Liz says it is the least the team here can do to “walk with colleagues to highlight how important Law Centres are to people and to raise much needed funds to keep them open”.

There is hope that tens of thousands will again join the campaign this year to raise an impressive new record target of £1 million. In the lead up to the 10K London Legal Walk on 17 June, Amphlett Lissimore will be welcoming donations and will be hosting cake sales, raffles and general fundraising events to help us reach our fundraising target. We hope this is something you can support us with and help spread the word about.

Our 2019 walkers are as follows;

Our team so far is:- Karen Bowey, Claudette Brown, Adam Davies, Elliot Gale, Valentina Emiliucci, Lisa Goder, Ally Grant, Carole Hack, Rebecca Hitchcock, Yvette James-Rudder, Laura Maggs, Akilah McEwen, Katy Moss, Shereen Nawol, Madhu Pal, Sue Pryse-Davies, Tracey Roache, Lynsey Robertson, Donna Rose, Sarah Stace, Kimberley Stewart, Danni Tsigarides, and Janis Young.

For more information or to donate, please head over to our fundraising page -


[1] Jamie Doward, ‘Legal aid cuts are “huge threat” to access to justice in UK’, The Guardian (online, 24 November 2018)

[2] Monidipa Fouzder, ‘Law centre could close after council slashes advice grant by 45%’, Law Gazette (online, 27 March 2019)

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