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I am a solicitor and advocate at Amphlett Lissimore, based at both our Camberwell and Bromley offices. I am part of the criminal law team, specialising in all aspects of criminal defence.

In 2008, I qualified as a higher court advocate, this means that I can represent and speak for my clients in Crown Court and Court of Appeal hearings alongside my role as a solicitor at the police station and the magistrates court. As a solicitor, I have gained extensive experience in preparing highly complex cases in all areas of serious crime.  I now spend most of my time advocating in the crown court and regularly appear in trials involving allegations of murder, firearms offences, drugs supply and importation, kidnapping and false imprisonment, organised county line operations, organised ‘gang’ based crime, rape and sexual offences.  My practice has an ever-increasing emphasis on dealing with multi-defendant cases involving offending at the most serious end of the scale often in a ‘gang’ context.

My style of preparation and advocacy is both meticulous and careful – with no stone left unturned, to ensure that I get the best outcome possible for my clients.  I have a confident, authoritative, yet tempered and personable manner, and I am not fazed by any opponent, or any case no matter how serious, strong or complex.  I deal with cases involving highly technical and scientific evidence including telephone cell site evidence, DNA and blood splatter analysis to name a few.  I deal with cases involving complex legal issues including witness anonymity, hearsay, bad character and issues of police powers and authority under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

I have defended persons of all backgrounds.  I pride myself on delivering clear advice and strategy in a friendly manner that creates a strong relationship of trust and confidence between those I represent and myself. I am here to serve and present the defendant’s case to its fullest.  I never lose sight of the importance of the defendant’s own role in the trial process.  Trust and confidence helps those I represent to engage with the process so that together the best possible outcome is achieved.

Notable Cases

R v M D (2019) - Advocate in an 8-week trial. My client was charged with aggravated burglary, kidnap and false imprisonment.  The incident took place in order to recover lost earnings from county lines drug dealing.  Despite being present at the said burglary, kidnap and false imprisonment, the defendant was acquitted of all charges.

R v SPM (2018) - Advocate for a young man with no previous convictions who was charged along with two others for the stabbing of schoolboy in Streatham.  Part of the incident was captured on a mobile phone and placed on the internet.  The defendant was found not guilty.

R v T. J (2017) - Appeared as advocate on behalf of the lead defendant in gang related stabbing on a South London Estate.

R v J (2016) - Appeared as advocate for a young gang member at trial facing an indictment of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life. The defendant I represented was ranked in the top 10 of the so-called police gang matrix.  He was acquitted of all charges.

R v C (2014) - Appeared as advocate together with Queens Counsel in a ‘gang land’ case of murder.  At the time the victim survived however was in a coma and the defendant was indicted and convicted of attempted murder.  He asserted he was not present.  Years later with a new legal team, he was indicted on murder when the victim died.  He now agreed he was present and caused the fatality however, he acted in self-defence.  In view of his earlier conviction, there was a ‘reverse burden’ and he had to prove his innocence now acknowledging his earlier defence was a lie.  Despite this, the jury was not able to agree on its verdict following a trial the Old Bailey.  He was convicted at the retrial.

R v J (2014) - Conducted the trial for a young man charged with possession of a firearm with intent. Said to be a leading member of a prominent South London gang, he was the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a police chase. When brought to a stop, found within the vehicle were three other occupants, firearms and ammunition along with several knives.  He was acquitted of all charges and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

R v DK (2012) - Appeared as advocate in a drugs conspiracy involving class A drugs.  I successfully defended a young man who had previously served a sentence for the supply of drugs as part of a prominent South London Gang.

R v RW (2011) - Appeared as advocate with a lead advocate in multi handed armed robbery conspiracy investigated by the ‘flying squad”

R v W (2010) - Appeared as advocate, together with Queens Counsel in a drugs conspiracy case involving cash seizures of in excess of 2 million pounds.

R v M (2005) - Acted as litigator in a heavily publicised case of ‘honour killing’ in both the print and broadcast media.  The case has featured heavily in a number of documentaries.  The deceased was found ‘buried in a suitcase’ and the term featured in many headline of many reports at the time during a 4-month trial at the Old Bailey.


Solicitor – Amphlett Lissimore 2006 to date


Qualified as a Criminal Courts Higher Rights Advocate – 2008

PgDL Legal Practice – College of Law Store Street 2001

LLB 2.2 – Brunel University 1997-2000 


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