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I have been a solicitor since 1983, specialising during my early years in Criminal Litigation before becoming a partner at the firm of Amphlett Chatterton. I then became one of the 5 founding partners of Amphlett Lissimore and head of the Criminal Department when it was established in 1990.

I have a wide breadth of experience in areas of serious crime, fraud, murder, rape and sexual assault, drug supply, and armed robbery. I am a Higher Court Advocate, which means that I am able to represent my clients through all stages of proceedings. Being an experienced Crown Court Advocate also informs the approach I take when representing people at the magistrates court, which involves careful preparation and detailed consideration of points of law and procedure. This approach sometimes even results in the Crown deciding to drop cases rather than continue to a trial.

I have over 30 years of experience in Criminal Law and have represented clients as an advocate and solicitor at the Old Bailey and at the Court of Appeal.

I deal with people, first and foremost. This is always at the front of my mind and sits within the values of the law firm. Over the years, I’ve dealt with people from all walks of life, and have received extensive training to enable me to deal with vulnerable witnesses whether they be young children or adults who have an impairment or disability. Recently this has also included a Home Office investigation into Modern Day Slavery.

Notable Cases

R v B (2022) -  Advocate representing a client in a multi-handed drugs (Class A) case

R v S (2021) – Solicitor carrying out extensive preparation in defence of a young woman charged with murder of her young son

R v W (2020) – Advocate representing a young man charged with a Section 18 homophobic attack on a stranger.

R v S (2020) – Solicitor and Advocate representing a young man charged with Indecent Images

R v D (2019)  - Solicitor preparing case of a teenager charged along others with Kidnapping

R v B  (2018) - Appearing at the Old Bailey for adult man charged with murder following the stabbing by knife of a young man

R v W (2018) - Acting as counsel for a man charged on a 12 count indictment of historic rape and indecent assault.  The complainant in this case had substantial psychiatric issues and required specialist cross examination, as did the presentation of the psychiatric issues.

R v M (2017) - Successful defence of man charged with several counts of indecent assault and rape on a minor, including acting as advocate at Crown Court

R v P (2016) – Mr P an artist on his way home travelling through Waterloo Station was falsely accused by a well-known actress of sexually assaulting her in the ticket hall. I prepared this case and acted as Advocate at the Crown Court. Mr P was acquitted and afterwards gave a series of interviews. The story received worldwide coverage. His acquittal was assisted by thorough preparation and the contracting of an expert witness who was able to take the video footage and prepare a detailed storyboard frame by frame which was able to be exploited by the defence.

R V McD (2011) – Solicitor preparing the case and also appearing at trial as Counsel for 1 of 5 defendants in a conspiracy to commit criminal damage (graffiti) on London Underground Trains, in Bristol and in Europe. The defendant that I represented was acquitted and the HH J Peter Clarke QC the presiding judge gave written compliments regarding his representation. Preparation again was the key, with detailed research concerning internet documentation, lock combinations and a renowned graffiti artist agreeing to give evidence for the defence, and considerable work carried out in order to illustrate the shortcomings of the Police ‘Expert’. Widely reported case.

R v M (2009) - Advocate in multi- handed conspiracy to rob cash in transit vans

R v H and P (2004) Court of Appeal – Key case law in relation to a defendant’s right to silence at the police station.

R v G (1999) Court of Appeal – A minicab driver had found weapons left by a passenger several days before and had put them in the glove compartment and forgot to remove them. The Court of Appeal overruled the trial judge’s interpretation of the law and found that forgetfulness might be relevant as a defence.


Partner - Amphlett Lissimore 1987 to date
Partner - Amphlett Chatterton 1985


Qualified as a Criminal Courts Higher Rights Advocate - 2003
Training – Greenhouse Stirton Islington 1981-1983
College of Law, Lancaster Gate- Solicitors Final Examination 1980-1981
University College London LLB  2.1  1997-1980

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