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Police Station Representative

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I am a Police Station Representative and Paralegal within the Criminal Defence team at Amphlett Lissimore. I joined the firm in 2003 and am based at the Camberwell office. As a Police Station Representative, I provide legal advice and assistance to people who have been arrested and are being detained at a police station – I usually become involved once the person being held has spoken with the duty solicitor but I can  be contacted directly on request or in advance if there is an appointment to be interviewed voluntarily. I attend the Police station and provide face to face advice before, during and after interviews with the police.

I work hard to get the best possible outcome at the Police Station for my Clients and am quite happy to challenge flaws in the Police case and highlight abuse of Police Powers if necessary. I understand that the Police Interview is an important stage of the Criminal Justice System. Knowing when to advise a Client to speak in interview, make a prepared statement or maintain a right to silence is Crucial to the outcome of the case ( or not) against them

I’ve dealt with a wide range of cases including Murder, Rape, Serious Assaults, drug and sexual offences. I regularly assist youths at the police station and as this is a specialism of mine, I have organised and given a presentation to a local  academy about criminal law and interacting with the police, so that young people may be better informed as to their rights and responsibilities when dealing with the Police

I’ve worked in Criminal law since the early 1990’s and have gained a wealth of experience from working across central, south and south west London before gaining accreditation with the Law Society in 1996. I can help and represent you if you are being detained, being asked to attend an interview under caution or have been charged with an offence and need help with the Court Proceedings.

Notable Cases

R V S.D Kingston CC (2018) - I dealt with a young vulnerable person at the Police Station who was accused of the Murder of her ex boyfriend, the case involved a number of attendances at the Police Station over several days and following charge, involved closely liaising with her family to make sure all relevant background information was obtained and made available to her Court advocate.  The defendant went on to receive a lenient sentence at Court, which took into account the fact that she had been subjected to threats and domestic violence in the days and months leading up to the incident

R V A.C Southwark Crown Court (1997) - I challenged a fingerprint evidence case at the Police Station stage where a young defendant was accused of burglary and theft of valuables worth £41,000. At trial the Prosecutions expert’s conclusions were deemed ‘fatally flawed’ and the trial collapsed. The case lead to a major overhaul in fingerprint comparison testing procedures and dozens of convictions were reviewed as a result.

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