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Civil Disputes

We pride ourselves on having extensive experience of handling and resolving a wide range of civil disputes for our clients.

You may want to enforce the terms of a contract that you are a party to, or avoid liability arising under it. We can help you resolve your problem.

We can also help if you have suffered loss and/or damage as a result of someone doing something for you negligently. For example, you may have instructed a builder to carry out works to your property and they may not have carried out the works that you asked them to do, or carried them out to an acceptable standard.

Additionally, we can help where you own property and other people maintain that they have an interest in it, or where you jointly own property and want to release your interest in it, or where you maintain that you have an interest in property that belongs to someone else.

Many disputes can be resolved without the need for issuing legal proceedings, often through the use of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. This avoids the expense and delay of legal proceedings, can resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, and can sometimes even heal damaged relationships.

As well as vigorously pursuing claims, we can also advise on pre-emptive steps that can be taken to minimise the likelihood of disputes arising in the future.

Our team of dispute resolution specialists can assist you with any concerns you have regarding your dispute. You can contact us on 020 8771 5254 to find out more.

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