We offer specialist advice concerning breach of residential and commercial leases, and matters involving nuisance and negligence in relation to property. This specialism extends to issues concerning water ingress, damage to property and noise.

We have extensive experience representing landlords, leaseholders, tenants and property managers. We deal with these matters in both the courts and property tribunal, although we try to help clients resolve matters without the need for formal proceedings where possible.

Dealing with breaches of lease and associated matters can be complex, particularly as legislation imposes strict requirements which, if not complied with, could prove fatal to a claim or potential claim. A leaseholder who is not properly advised could face not only a monetary penalty, but also forfeiture (termination) of the lease. Moreover, a landlord could be stuck with a problematic tenant that is causing loss of considerable income.

We pride ourselves in being able to assist clients and comply with requirements to achieve a satisfactory result that resolves issues as quickly, and as cost-effective as possible that protects their interests.  

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