Issues concerning co-ownership of property/land can be complex, particularly if family members are in dispute, and/or a co-owner has died which can be delicate and upsetting.

In the absence of agreement, court proceedings are normally required. This often occurs for an order of sale pursuant to the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.

We have extensive experience assisting clients resolve co-ownership disputes involving freehold or leasehold property, whether this be by negotiating directly with parties, mediation or by way of court proceedings.

We always aim to adopt a sensible, pragmatic and cost-effective approach to obtain the best outcome possible for clients, with an appreciation and awareness of the sensitive aspects normally inherent in co-ownership cases.

We encourage anyone with a co-ownership dispute or potential dispute, or anyone who simply wants advice as to the position of ownership of property, to contact us for specialist assistance.