Ground rent, service charges (including major works charges) and administration charges in long leases, particularly residential, are often contentious issues that can lead to protracted and expensive litigation. There is significant relevant legislation which is complex and always evolving.

Landlords need to ensure compliance, not only with the contractual lease terms, but also with the stringent requirements imposed by statute to enable the recovery of charges in residential leases; this includes limitation periods. Leaseholders should be aware of the obligations in their leases and statutory requirements so they are aware of what charges are payable and which may be challenged, and the options available to them to challenge the charges.

Landlords and leaseholders often exacerbate matters by not obtaining appropriate advice at the earliest opportunity. As a result, more money is spent to resolve a dispute. Our specialist solicitors in Crystal Palace, Bromley and Raynes Park have significant experience successfully dealing with disputes concerning charges and payments in leases. This includes helping clients achieve a favourable and pragmatic solution that is cost-effective and not disproportionate to the sums in dispute, and to encourage anyone involved in a leasehold dispute to obtain appropriate advice and assistance as soon as possible.

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