Whether a person is entitled to financial provision from an estate will depend on various factors, including:

  1. The applicant’s financial resources and needs, now and in the future, including their current financial situation, current and likely future employment status, earnings and earning capacity
  2. The financial resources and needs of other applicants and beneficiaries
  3. The obligations and responsibilities of the deceased towards you
  4. The size and nature of the estate
  5. Any physical and mental disabilities
  6. Any other matter the court considers to be relevant

The court can make a variety of different orders if it decides that financial provision should be made, including regular monthly payments for life or for a limited period, lump sum payments and the transfer of property.

Although this area of law is often complex, we have particular expertise in this area to help you. We pride ourselves on providing clear professional advice and guiding such disputes towards a satisfactory resolution, often through negotiation, and if this is not possible, through the courts.

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