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Ownership of estate property

Various types of disputes regarding estate property can arise following someone's death. For example, someone may take certain gifts during their lifetime that were not made of their own free will but as a result of someone else's influence, or because they did not know what they were doing so those gifts do not form part of their estate when they die. In certain circumstances, such gifts can be set aside and be brought back into the estate.

Sometimes, people may make a promise during their lifetime to leave their property in their will to family members or acquaintances. However, disputes can arise when the person dies and their promises are not reflected in the will or there is no will. In certain circumstances such promises can be enforced, notwithstanding the terms of the will or an intestacy (if there is no will).

Alternatively, someone may have contributed financially towards a property that is owned by someone who dies, and a dispute may arise regarding the ownership of the property.

We help people bring and defend claims to set aside lifetime gifts and promises, and other claims concerning estate property.

We are experts in will disputes, our experience enables us to face any kind of matter regarding a will. You can be sure that we will be providing clear, professional advice. We will guide your dispute towards a satisfactory resolution using an alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, or if there is no other way, through court proceedings.

If you would like more information about a specific dispute do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial assessment with our legal experts on 020 8771 5254

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