When the ground seems to be very shaky we will tell you where you stand so that you can focus on the firmer ground ahead. We will help you get there with the least legal fuss possible. It is our aim that you and your family steer away from the legal process if possible. 

We will challenge the way you are looking at things if necessary to avoid you going down the wrong path. We are on your side but we are also trusted guides. It is better you understand how this works now, rather than much later when it has cost a fortune and caused so much distress.

We offer a fixed price meeting where we can advise you about your options and we confirm our advice in a detailed letter. Our approach has been commented on by two of our clients:


"During our first meeting Liz was keen to understand my situation both from a logistical viewpoint and an emotional one.  As well as setting out the legal options, she had a lot of experience that helped me determine what was best for me and my children." .

"I felt quite lost and daunted by the whole idea of how to proceed and having received your thorough letters am now feeling like I can process and compartmentalise areas and start to prioritise too."




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Are we your sort of family lawyer?

We are members of Resolution, and are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way whenever this is possible. We follow the Resolution Code of Conduct, which requires us to deal with each family dispute constructively and in a manner that does not inflame the situation. We believe this to be in your best long-term best interests.

Our advice is firmly based on our knowledge and experience. We know the outcome that a court may impose if a fair and reasonable agreement cannot be reached. If firm action is needed for your protection, you can rest assured that we will take it.

We never forget that it is your life, and your relationship - and your decision.

What next?

Even though we are in Crystal Palace, Bromley or Raynes Park we are just a phone call away, speak to one of us on 0208 768 6885. Whatever the legal issue might be, we have specialists to help you.