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When you (or your partner) say you want a “divorce”, it is likely that you mean you want to sort out all the arrangements for finances and children; rather than you want to complete the paperwork necessary to bring the marriage to an end legally.

A divorce is an important step, but it is also paperwork, and we have given the price for this below. Once the other decisions about the home, children and finances have been agreed, it is possible for the divorce process to be dealt with relatively easily. It is also a step that can be completed by you without a lawyer if you wish.

However, we strongly recommend that you talk to us before you start the divorce process because a divorce might affect your legal position in very important ways. The timing of a divorce is one of the things we advise you about in our first meeting with you. Getting a divorce and not dealing with the financial connections between you, such as joint ownership of a property or individual pensions, can have disastrous consequences.  The savings you make from not seeing us in a full “know where you stand” meeting might be a fraction of the disadvantage you suffer in the future. We do suggest that you prepare yourself with full knowledge.  

Is the Divorce expensive?

Our charges for obtaining a straightforward divorce will be subject to a quote based on a fixed price arrangement.  Please read what we have said above about what a divorce means legally – it does not include dealing with finances or children issues.  If it is not a straightforward divorce, we will still try to provide a fixed fee wherever we can and give you advance notice of our fees. Sometimes the costs of the divorce will be paid by one person fully and sometimes they will be shared. 

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How we can help you

Ask The Legal Expert

  • 45 mins expert advice from a specialist divorce lawyer.
  • In person or over the phone whichever is more convenient for you.
  • Discuss anything concerning you — money, children,property.
  • Suitable for those doing their own divorce who need some expert help or as a first step for those who plan to use a lawyer.
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  • We complete the legal paperwork for you and you submit it to the court.
  • Suitable for where the divorce is agreed and there are no issues over money or children.
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  • We do everything necessary to obtain your divorce, from start to finish.
  • Fixed price given upfront with no hidden costs.
  • Includes the divorce element only – for issues over money, property or children you will need our full service.
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£750 + VAT

plus Court Fees

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Full Service

  • Suitable when the divorce is not straight forward or you need our help to resolve finances or arrangements for the children.
  • High quality service from expert, quality-checked lawyers.
  • We take care of everything and work with you for the best outcome.
  • Value for money and no hidden costs.
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Tailored to you
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The Divorce process

Free initial assessment

This is when you find out about what is involved. It is also when you decide which service is right for you – eg 'DIY', 'lawyer assisted' or full 'pay as you go'


This is the main document in which you make your request to the court for a divorce. You need to meet one of a number of different legal 'grounds' to be able to be divorced. This gets sent to court and then to your partner.

Arrangements for children

Where there are children, you have to agree on how they will be looked after. The court can delay your divorce until happy with the plans. If you can't agree, the court may need to become involved.

Decree Nisi

This is the first step towards your divorce. Nisi means 'unless'. If all the paperwork is in order, a judge will grant this and 'unless' one of you changes your mind the final divorce should be a formality.

Decree Absolute

'Absolute' means final - your divorced is finalised. You are legally no longer married. You have to wait 6 weeks and 1 day after 'decree nisi' before you can apply for this – a sort of legal 'cooling off' period.

Financial matters

Often financial issues are agreed and a 'consent order' can be made. If not, then the court will need to decide how to distribute your finances – this often continues after the actual divorce process itself has finished.

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