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Financial Arrangements

When a couple separate it is usually necessary to reach an agreement about finances. There may be a family home, a business, an inheritance, savings or a pension. It might be necessary for there to be maintenance paid.

You might not believe this from the horror stories you hear, but many couples manage to reach agreement by talking to each other. divorce contract Our clients have told us that our fixed fee first meeting has helped them do just this, by telling them where they stand and what options they have to resolve the matters that you need to agree. Furthermore, our clients have also told us that the letter confirming the advice (included in the fee) has helped them keep focussed in the discussion. Decades of experience has told us what clients want to know and that most people want to sort things out in this way if they can. We know you want to use a lawyer as little as possible and keep the fuss and expense to the minimum!

Where you need us more, we focus on putting in place the best support we can to help the discussion stay as effective as possible. 

If you are able to meet your partner but need someone else to be there to keep the conversation on track, we will help you whilst you use . We have trained mediators on our team and know what you need to know to make it work for you.

We will happily arrange a meeting with you, your partner and their lawyer so the four of us can reach agreement together. These meetings might be collaborative meetings which have special rules or round table meetings. Sometimes our clients prefer the lawyers to meet. We have had success with these meetings for some of our clients.

Sometimes you need us to take the pressure from you and communicate with your partner or their lawyer. Sometimes you are not being offered a solution which is right for you and you need the court or an arbitrator to help. Even when a court application is made, most matters are still agreed. It is just that sometimes you are not being offered enough, or told enough, and need the court to set that out to break the impasse. .

We will talk to you about all these options and help you choose the right one for you. We do this day in day out, and our job is to use our training and experience to make this simpler for you.

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