What to expect at the first meeting

We understand that you may be anxious about visiting a lawyer for advice about your relationship. You may feel that you will lose control, or that we will confirm that the future is as dark as you fear.

Know where you stand

We have condensed the important stuff into an hour long meeting which we then confirm in writing and which many clients use a reference for the discussions they then hold to resolve issues. Many of our clients resolve matters over the kitchen table. They then come back to us so that we can tie it all up. 

We specialise in this work. We can do what is necessary. However our approach is still to keep focussed on the end objective and not be distracted by the stuff that does not make a difference.

“How can we achieve what is the most probable outcome with the least fuss?”

We can employ every negotiation skill to help our clients whether it is Mediation, round table meetings, Collaborative law or Arbitration.

We do all of this and more because discussions between different people are different and the best outcomes come from the resolution option which is best suited to the individuals involved.

Feel free to bring a relative or friend with you - people often do. You may find it hard to absorb all the information, and having someone to discuss it with afterwards will help. Besides this, a friend may think of questions it would not occur to you to ask us. Of course we always send you a detailed letter confirming our advice - we can send it to another address if you don't want it arriving at home.

The first meeting typically lasts an hour. We can give quite specific advice about finances if you bring detailed information with you, but not everyone can. Often it is most helpful to concentrate on the bigger picture - what outcome you want, and how we can help you achieve it.

It is a fact of life that not every situation can be sorted as easily as the majority of cases. We are sorry if you need us more than others might. There are still a few people who have to ask the court or an Arbitrator to decide their case or need a strong negotiator or advocate.

Knowing what it costs

Last but not least, we understand that you may be fearful of the cost of our services. For that reason, we charge a fixed fee for the first meeting, so that having paid it you know where you stand. By the end of the meeting you will have a good idea of our likely fees for anything more you ask us to do.

What next?

Even though we are in Crystal Palace, Bromley or Raynes Park we are just a phone call away. Each of our grateful clients just picked up the phone and spoke to us. We then connected them to the right legal expert for them. Like them you can understand your rights but experience our support whilst you do what is right for your family.

You can just pick up the phone and speak to one of us on0208 768 6885. Whatever the legal issue which is affecting your family we have specialists to help you

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