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Collective enfranchisement

Residential leaseholders of flats might be able to compel their freeholder to sell the freehold to them by way of “enfranchisement”. Although there are qualifying requirements, length of ownership is not one, so the right can be exercised regardless of how long the leaseholders have owned their flats.

Collective enfranchisement is the process for the leasehold owners of flats in a building (who meet certain qualifying criteria), and sometimes part of a building, to join together and buy the freehold of that building.

Why enfranchise?

  • You acquire control of the management of your building (and therefore the service charge)
  • Ability to resolve the problem of the building being owned by an absent or missing freeholder
  • Extend and, if necessary, amend the leases of those participating to the maximum 999 years with no ground rent and for no premium
  • Increase the marketability of the participating leaseholders’ flats, which would be sold with a share of freehold
  • Take over the repairs and management of the building
  • Have total control of the service and administration charges levied
  • Assume any development rights over the building

If you are considering acquiring your freehold, we are able to help you. If you are a long residential leaseholder (your lease was granted for 21 years or more), the building in which your flat contains two or more flats and you are interested in enfranchising, do not hesitate to contact us for a for an initial free, no-obligation brief telephone consultation.

At Amphlett Lissimore, we have an experienced and dedicated team who specialise in Leasehold Enfranchisement. The team focus solely on what is a complex and niche area of law and understand the technicalities and have comprehensive knowledge of the legislation and will provide you with the best advice to achieve your objectives. We will work closely with any valuer to ensure that you achieve the very best result, saving you costs where possible.

For an initial discussion regarding acquiring your freehold or extending your lease, or to discuss the collective enfranchisement procedures and cost, please contact our leasehold enfranchisement team on 020 8771 5254

Team members

Daniel O'Doherty
Consultant Solicitor
Crystal Palace
Helena Cavanagh
Leasehold Enfranchisement Assistant
Crystal Palace

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