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Transfers of Equity

A transfer of equity is usually a transfer of property between members of a family, or when a couple are divorcing or separating, or property belonging to one person is to become jointly owned.

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A transfer of equity is a legal conveyance of property - even if it is just "putting another name on the deeds". It can be simpler in many ways than a sale or purchase between strangers. But, because the people involved are related or know one another well, it can easily lead to misunderstandings and unexpected consequences - particularly if legal corners have been cut because it all seems so simple, or possible conflicts of interest have been overlooked.

Giving your house to your children to avoid tax or care home fees can be a dangerous game. Likewise, so can adding your new partner to your deeds without being clear how you would want the property dealt with if the relationship ends, or putting your house in your partner's name in case your business fails.

That is why we cannot quote you a fixed fee for handling your transfer of equity until we have talked it over (without obligation) to find out exactly what you want to do with your property, and why. Then you can be confident that we will give you the best advice, charge you a fair price, and deal with your transfer of equity effectively and without fuss.

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