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Making your will

Last year over 50,000 people died in London. Many of them may not have expected to die so soon, and many had not yet made a will.

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If you do not make a will...

You lose the chance to decide who will inherit your property - the law decides it for you, and not always in the way you anticipate. You lose the chance to minimise the tax that may have to be paid on your estate.

Have there been changes in your life?

Even if you have made a will, things may have changed since then, and it may be time for a new one:

  • Someone mentioned in the will may have died already
  • You may have got married, or divorced, or entered or left a civil partnership
  • You may have bought a house - if so the chances are that you should think about inheritance tax
  • You may be worth a lot more, and therefore are able to be more generous

It is not hard to make your will

You can talk without obligation to a member of our wills team to discuss whether you need to make a will, what it will involve, and what it will cost.

  • You can come to see us and discuss what should happen to your property
  • You will get our advice about the best way to achieve what you want
  • We can often suggest better ways of arranging your affairs, or point out pitfalls that you might not have thought of
  • We can tell you how much inheritance tax might have to be paid when you die, and how to keep it to a minimum - for more about inheritance tax, click here
  • We will draw up your will and ensure that it is easy to understand
  • When you have signed your will, we can store it safely for you until it is needed


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