"We have a specailist team to deal with later life legal issues so we understand how important it is for people to be happy and comfortable in their surroundings if they are living in a care home. Berry Pomeroy has a fantastic reputation for respecting and caring for the individual residents and creating an environment that is friendly, caring and tailored to each individuals needs. In that sense, it shares the same values that we do as Solicitors - offering personal legal advice about wills, powers of attorney, tax and probate.

As a local business we are rooted in the community and depend on building good relationships with our clients and local business. By visiting Berry Pomeroy and finding out what daily life is like for the residents it helps us to better advise our clients if they are faced with the decision about entering a care home for the first time which can be a daunting experience. Similarly, the team at Berry Pomeroy can build an understanding of the importance for their residents to have their legal affairs in order, be it making a lasting power of attorney so their family can assist with managing their financial affairs, to making a will and funeral plan to ensure their wishes are followed in the event of their death. Often a brief chat with a legal specialist can resolve any niggling questions an individual may have put off for years and usuaally leads to a huge sense of peace of mind (and we offer fixed prices too so it's not as expensive as you might think.)

It's been great to work together with Berry Pomeroy (and the other company's that have donated) on this project that will make a long lasting difference to the lives of residents there and we're looking forward to working together on similar projects in the future. We've already discussed holding a combined Dementia awareness seminar so there's a few things in the pipeline."