The team decided to do their challenge outside the office to get more interest from the public which it definitely did create! Banners, balloons, and a poster were used to decorate the outside of the office and all staff wore a Barnardo’s vest. The Seaford office started the challenge off and managed to raise a brilliant £193 on the first day of cycling. It was hot weather throughout the week which meant cycling long distances became that little bit harder. Partner at the firm, Stephen Ash managed 12 miles and was first to ride the bike outside. Altogether, Seaford office clocked up 51 miles.

The second day, the bike was at the Peacehaven office where our staff clocked up 6 miles. Whilst the challenge was going on, updates and photos were posted to Twitter informing Barnardo’s of how the firm were getting on. The third day, the bike went to our Newhaven office and one member of staff raised £30 in the first 2 miles. The fourth day, the bike went to our Hailsham office where our staff cycled 12 miles. Finally, on the fifth day, the bike went to the Eastbourne office where staff raised a brilliant £177.

All offices made a great effort in supporting Barnardo’s who were cheering the firm on the whole way. Staff had a great time doing the challenge and posing for pictures feigning exhaustion or pretending to do work whilst on the bike.

Barwells hoped to have raised awareness of this fantastic charity over the week of the challenge and hope that client’s making their wills, leave something to Barnardo’s.

For pictures and a final update on how much Barwells raised for Barnardo’s, keep an eye on Barwells' twitter page: