When St John's got in contact with Barwells regarding charity donations, we were only too happy to help and donated £100 towards equipment for the learners. Barwells supports many community projects and charities such as the WI and Chestnut Tree House and St John's is another great local charity we can get involved with. We like to engage with the local community and help them achieve their aims whether that be law realted or not.

As a partnership with St John's, Barwells would aim to offer their will writing services and asisst the parents of students at the school. This could be putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place or advising on how to organise financial affairs. A free Wills voucher was given to the school to be raffled off or used by a member of the staff. Barwells are hoping to produce a leaflet in partnership with St John's so parents are able to find out about our services and draw up a Will, should anything happen to them. Another way to support St John's which was suggested was giving talks at parents evenings on the importance of Wills and how Barwells can assist.

The school has many facilities to support students and each student is individually catered for with a specialised care plan. Staff from Barwells enjoyed a tour of the school, learning about the work the staff and students do and how they get involved with their community. Students from age 7-25 are encouraged to take part in cooking for the other staff and students, maintainance of the buidling, gardening round the grounds and designing products for the public. Upon the visit, Kerrie commented: "It was wonderful to see the hard work that goes on at this school and the brilliant facilities on offer to the students which will help prepare them for the future. We look forward to partnering with St John's and helping parents draw up their Wills with us."

Barwells hope to work in conjunction with both the Seaford and Brighton site and look forward to a tour of the Brighton campus to set some plans in motion.