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New QualitySolicitors small claims service launched

QualitySolicitors Brennans have launched a unique service for solving small claims disputes. The service is built around an innovative partnership with a mediation company.

The service helps clients achieve a fair settlement in disputes of up to £10,000. By integrating mediation into the process and offering fixed-fee advice, the new QualitySolicitors service offers a clear and affordable option for consumers and small businesses, that need to make a claim. Using mediation to deal with a dispute can also make it much less stressful.

Jane Hucknall, Principal said:

“We get a lot of clients visiting us at our Law Shop in Wallsend and Whitley Bay for advice on making a small claim. It is becoming more common that clients are left without any legal support and have very little idea of what the associated costs are. Many clients have been discouraged from making a Small Claim due to the costs of getting advice which is disproportionate to the value of the claim. Our clients have told us that the costs and uncertainty of the procedure have put them off chasing up debts, until now.”

This new service provides clients with an affordable and transparent method of obtaining advice.

We offer a 30 minute telephone advice appointment for £49 inc VAT


A 45 minute Ask the Expert session in the office for £99 inc VAT

We can help you formulate your claim and advise you on the various steps in the process. Next you write a letter of complaint and if that does not resolve matters we have a unique arrangement with Small Claims Mediation Ltd who will get the process of mediation started for as little as £20.

Please see our helpful Legal Guide for more information. 


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