News archive: April 2015

  • Posted on April 28, 2015
    The importance of leaving a will was highlighted last week by reports that actor Rik Mayall may have landed his family with a hefty inheritance tax bill by not writing one.

    Many people put off writing a will because they think they are too young to worry about it, or they find the idea upsetting. But if you die without leaving instructions about your assets, they will be divided according to the rules of intestacy.

    Under these rules, which were changed last October, unmarried partners may get nothing and spouses may receive significantly less than they had expected.

    About 50% of adults do not have a valid will.
  • Posted on April 1, 2015
    Driving with excess alcohol, often called ‘Drink Driving’, is one of the most common offences before the Magistrates Court. We know that the consequences of being convicted of the drink drive offence can have serious effects, not just upon yourself, but also on your family.

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