Jane, Brenda, Julie and Mark will march along the 8km route from Baltic Square, Newcastle over the iconic Millenium Bridge and along the Quayside river pathways to raise money for those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s across the UK. 

To mark the team’s involvement, Brennans will be holding a Memory Month throughout September, where all clients setting up a Lasting Powers of Attorney at our new fixed price of £299 per LPA will see a donation of £50 made to the Alzheimer’s Society by Brennans on their behalf.

As a firm providing legal services to those who have often lost mental capacity, the work undertaken by organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society is something we are very familiar with here at Brennans. The families of those who suffer from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s are often left with unwelcome bills in excess of £1000 should their relative lose the ability to manage their own financial affairs. This highlights the importance of our newly introduced £299 fixed fee Lasting Powers of Attorney, which provide family members with the opportunity to handle a relatives property, finances or health and welfare should they no longer be able to do so themselves. Although indeed we hope our clients should never need to invoke their LPA, they are an essential part of the services we offer here.

An LPA could help you, your loved ones and now all sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease in the UK as part of our Brennans’ Memory Month.

To arrange an appointment or for advice regarding wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, contact us on 0191 2625133

To get involved in a Memory Walk yourself go to www.memorywalk.org.uk.

To donate to our Just Giving page, please go to www.justgiving.com/MW15juliesimpson