What exactly is a Separation Agreement?

It is a written agreement recording what is going to happen to your money, assets and children now that you are no longer together. The advantage of a Separation Agreement is that it provides clarification on issues that will arise when you go through a relationship breakdown, such as who keeps the family home, who will the children live with, division of savings and division of any debts.

How long does it last?

A Separation Agreement can last for as long as you are separated. If you go on to get divorced, the financial settlement is usually based on the decisions made and recorded in the Separation Agreement.

Is the Agreement legally binding?

A Separation Agreement is not legally-binding, but is more likely to be upheld in Court if it’s been professionally drafted and both parties have taken legal advice.

What should I do next?

Take legal advice before making a decision so that you are fully informed. We offer free initial advice.

Can you act for both parties?

No your husband/wife will need to take legal advice.

How much will it cost?

£999 including VAT

What will you do if I do want to instruct?

We will firstly take your instructions and write to your husband/wife to ensure they do agree with the terms of the Agreement. We will ensure that both parties understand what they are agreeing to and the future implications. We will make sure you are not under pressure to agree to anything you are not completely happy with and make sure you fully understand.

How do I start the ball rolling?

Contact us today by either:

Calling us on 0191 262 5133

Emailing; julies@brennanslaw.co.uk

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