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Family Law Specialists in Wallsend

At QualitySolicitors Brennans, we provide the people of Wallsend, Whitley Bay and beyond with advice, help and support in all aspects of family law. Whatever your situation, relationships can sometimes break down and that’s when turning to a family solicitor can really help you to resolve difficulties quickly. Whether your query is related to a relationship, children or financial arrangements, our Free Advice Clinic is open Mon-Fri 9am-2:30pm to help.

Elsa runs our Free Advice Clinic, Mon-Fri 9am-2:30pm. If you would prefer to make an appointment, however, call us on 01912 836 413.

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    • Posted on May 8, 2017
      There is a common misconception that the court favours the mother, when deciding who a child should live with, the Court will consider what is best for your child, not the parents. They do not automatically favour one parent over the other.

      Family law in England & Wales has evolved to recognise that a father can be the primary caregiver, just as women can now be the breadwinners. There is no gender bias. The courts consider what is in the best interests of the child.
    • Posted on April 27, 2017
      Cohabiting couples are on the increase in the UK, being the fastest growing family type over the last decade as well as the amount of divorced couple who have either remarried or simply changed their name. Because of this growing family type you will find that a large percentage of children in England and Wales do not now have the same surname as both of their parents.

      When travelling abroad Border Control may ask you to prove the relationship between yourself and any child travelling with you if you have a different surname. These checks are designed to help prevent child abduction.
    • Posted on September 25, 2015
      Divorce is never easy however it’s made a whole lot easier if you and your spouse are in agreement of how best to end the marriage.

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