The first step is to try negotiation then mediation to see if a neutral third party can help you to agree the a plan for you to see your children. 

Common Issues

  • How often you can see your kids or how ofren you are willing to allow your ex-partner to see them
  • Whether contact should be supervised
  • Whether you should allow/be allowed overnight contact

It is important to always ask yourself one question throughout your dispute - is what’s best for your kids?

Going to court should always be a last resort, but for many is still the only way they are able to see their children, or prevent a violent or abusive ex-partner from having contact with them.

I need help to see my kids

If you are seeking contact with your child after a separation you can gain a Contact Order from the courts setting out your ‘rights’ to see your children and under what circumstances. This is now known as a Child Arrangement Order.

Removing access rights to my child

If you are trying to prevent an ex-partner having contact with your children, perhaps because of welfare concerns, you can oppose the Court granting of any Order for contact.

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