There may come a time when you can no longer share or communicate your wishes or thoughts with others. As difficult as that is to consider, making decisions in advance of this time can determine what happens to you later in life, when you could lack the capacity to either consent to or refuse any prospective medical treatment. These advance decisions could become important should you fall into a coma, require any life-sustaining treatments or even blood transfusions.

QualitySolicitors Brennans help you to understand the legal position and how best to plan for a time when it could apply. We discuss your situation, taking into consideration any other matters such as Lasting Power of Attorney arrangements, if relevant to you. When you sign, we want you to have peace of mind that all decisions relating to your health and welfare will be carried out as you would have wished for.

For expert advice contact QualitySolicitors Brennans and arrange to meet with one of our lawyers at our Wallsend office to start planning for your future.