Since 2010, when QualitySolicitors first teamed up with Barnardo’s to launch the Free Will Scheme, we estimate that over £2.5 million has been pledged in legacies to the charity.

How does it work?



Receive a standard will written by a legal expert


Our experts will guide you through the things you should consider when making a will to ensure that your wishes are fully understood. By choosing QualitySolicitors, you can be confident that you’ll receive exceptional customer service.



There’s nothing for you to pay


With this scheme, QualitySolicitors will charge Barnardo’s a specially agreed, reduced price for the will. This is done in the hope that you will consider remembering Barnardo’s in your will as well as your loved ones, and you will receive information about this.



You’re under no obligation


It’s your will. So there will be no pressure on you to leave a gift to any person or organisation other than those of your choice. And we guarantee that the legal advice which you receive will be of the highest standard and completely independent.



To take advantage of the opportunity, to talk to a legal expert about your affairs and to receive a free will, simply call us on 01912 836 413. Alternatively, pop in to see us at our local Wallsend office, located just opposite the Wallsend Metro station.