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Will and inheritance disputes

The terms of a will can cause distress. If there isn't one, this is difficult too. QualitySolicitors Brett Holt can advise on any matter where a will or inheritance is in dispute.

When a loved one passes, leaving a will, disagreement can arise because of the terms in the will. Disputes can be about who or what is included or exluded and sometimes, whether there is a will at all. Naturally in difficult times like these, emotions run high and the best way to sort things out is by seeking expert guidance. QualitySolicitors Brett Holt can help you do things the right way, we help guide you through the dispute, allowing you to have peace of mind.

At QualitySolicitors Brett Holt, our role is to offer calm, friendly and professional advice. If you dispute any part of a will, or the entire estate, we can explain what your rights are. We can also do the same where another party is disputing a will.

If your loved one didn't have a will and a dispute arises over what should happen to their possessions and assets then our solicitors are there to give you practical and helpful advice that helps the dispute to be resolved and aloows your mind to be put at ease.

Our expert solicitors will run through the options, costs and timescales before we start work for you, so you know what to expect as the dispute continues. Disputing an estate is a complex area of law. In everything that we do for you, we will explain using the plainest language we can.

If you are having a issue with a disputed will or estate its best to get in touch with your local branch for a no obligation free initial chat, so we can run you through what the process and work out what your next step is.


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