At QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby, we are open between 8.30am - 12noon on Saturdays.

We know that taking time off work to see a solicitor can be awkward and inconvenient. It's why we also open at lunch times to because lunch-hours are never long enough to do all you need to do... assuming you can take a full hour that is.

People tell us this is one of their biggest frustrations with lawyers - they’re never available when you are.

At QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby, Saturday is just part of the working week - when we aim to be as accessible as possible. You can pre-book an appointment, subject to lawyer availability, or call in on the off chance, on your way to meet a friend for a coffee, to discuss your requirements with our friendly reception team.

Your local legal expert is available six days a week - it's one of the reasons we're different. So why not give us a call on 01724 854000 and take advantage of our Free Initial Assessment to see how we can help you.