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National Minimum Wage - New Rates

New rates of National Minimum Wage

1st of October 2011 sees a change in the rates of National Minimum Wage. The National Minimum wage is set by the Government and is reviewed annually. The new rates from 1st October 2011 are as follows:

 For persons over 21 - £6.08 per hour

 For persons aged 18 –21 - £4.98 per hour

 For persons aged 16 –17 - £3.68 per hour

 For apprentices aged under 19 (or in their first year of an apprenticeship) - £2.60 per hour

If you think that you are not receiving National Minimum Wage in accordance with the Government guidelines please contact a member of our Employment team who will be happy to advise you on the rights and remedies available to you.

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