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New Research Prompts the Launch of a New Business Advice Service!

A new survey of business leaders, conducted by QualitySolicitors, found that approximately 1 in 3 businesses attempt to resolve legal matters themselves!

Surprisingly, almost a third (31%) of small business leaders attempt to resolve legal problems themselves, and almost one in five (19%) have never consulted a lawyer at all!

Yet failure to follow the legally correct steps to signing contracts, chasing payment, employing staff or leasing property could set them back thousands of pounds in extra costs, lost revenue or damaged reputations.

To help bosses protect their businesses against these risks, QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby (a member firm of the progressive nationwide network) has launched a fixed price Business Advice Meeting service. This offers 90 minutes of dedicated face-to-face time with an expert legal adviser for the fixed price of £195 plus VAT.

The consultation session - which can be split into two 45 minute sessions if that is more convenient - is focused entirely on the needs of the business. The new service is in addition to a free initial phone call of up to ten minutes, offered to all new clients.

Businesses can download free legal guides at the dedicated Business Advice page.

Matthew Inman, Partner and Head of the Commercial Law Department at QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby, said the service is designed to help the leaders of many small businesses who risk being hit with huge unforeseen costs because they didn’t seek legal advice.

Matthew added: "The legal work that business leaders attempt to do in-house is usually a good place to start, however you wouldn’t skydive with a home-made parachute, and no-one should run a business relying on DIY legal work. Seeking professional advice means that we can protect businesses by going through their activities and tick all the boxes."

"It's always best to sort out legal issues before they become problems, but we can help you through today's crisis or work with you to avoid the next crisis."

"Having an expert legal adviser on your side frees you to concentrate on running and growing your business."

"We can help you to deal with regulations affecting your business or industry, with advice on employment law issues, terms of business, advice on contracts, property matters and partnership issues. Our fixed price Business Advice Meeting service is designed to make expert legal advice available to every small business when you need it, and with a clear guaranteed price from the outset"

For more information, contact: - 

Matthew Inman, Partner and Head of the Commercial Law Department at QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby on 01724 854 000 or through the enquiry form at the Business Advice page

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