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New Employment Legislation - from 6 April 2015

Read the latest changes in legislation for statutory pay, statutory adoption leave and pay, parental leave, surrogate parents, redundancy pay and employment tribunal compensation limits.

Statutory pay rates increased

An increase of £139.58 per week applies to statutory pay for maternity, paternity, 

shared parental leave and adoption.

The rate of statutory sick pay (SSP) has now increased to £88.45 per week.

Redundancy pay - new limit

The weekly limit for redundancy pay has increased to £475.

Employment tribunal awards - new compensation limits

When calculating compensation for basic unfair dismissal, the weekly pay limit has increase to £475, with £78,335 as the maximum compensation amount.

Statutory adoption leave and pay

Instead of the previous 26-week qualifying period, statutory adoption leave and adoption pay has now been brought in line with maternity pay, which for the first 6 weeks of maternity leave, provides 90% of standard earning capacity.

Parental Leave - now extended to 18 years of age

Parents of all children under the age of 18 now have the right to take unpaid parental leave.

Surrogate parents eligible for adoption leave

Subject to meeting certain eligibility criteria, parents who have a child through surrogacy are now allowed to take normal paternity leave and pay, shared parental leave and pay and adoption leave and pay. Entitlement now extends to both parents, who can take unpaid time off to attend 2 antenatal appointments, together with the woman who is carrying the child.


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