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Cherie Blair support's Barnardo's initiative - watch the video

Barnardo's operates a wide range of support schemes and one is for the children of prisoners and their parents.

When a parent is sent to prison, all too often their children are forgotten about and consigned to the shadows. Children with a parent in prison are some of the most overlooked and isolated in the UK. Their childhoods can be so disrupted that their life chances are ruined.

Cherie Blair meets Barnardo's staff and officials of the prison service to talk about how the organisations can both work together to benefit vulnerable children.

Click on the video to watch what Cherie says and see how a Wills legacy left to Barnardo’s could make a difference to future generations and help to break the cycle.

Barnardo’s believe that no child should suffer these ‘hidden sentences’ and this video shows how, a year ago, they launched their 'VF strategy' to help children affected by parental imprisonment.

Building on over 20 years of pioneering work from practitioners across Barnardo’s, the charity has worked hard over the past year to turn around the lives of these children. This has occurred not only through direct services but through influencing at a national and local level to raise awareness and get changes to practice and policy.

Throughout all this, Barnardo's has made it their goal to enable these children to make their voices heard across the country

Visit the Barnardo's Will Scheme page to see how you can get involved.

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